Whilst taking part in the Music/Mobile Tech project, Leon made fast and profound progress in improving his composition skills and developing his confidence and communication. Over the past 10-weeks, Leon, as well as his session leader, school and family, have all recognised the huge positive impact that taking part in the Music/Mobile Tech project has had:

"The Music/Mobile Tech project has been an inspiring opportunity for Leon: getting to share his music at the end of the project was a wonderful moment"
— School Music Teacher


Ethan has made enormous progress whilst taking part in the Music/Mobile Tech project. From an unsure start, Ethan has grown in confidence and composition skill, to a place where he finishes the project with a final composition which reflects his dedication and progress. Ethan's session leader, school and care team all recognise the huge achievements Ethan has made.

"Ethan's success in the Music/Mobile Tech project is a huge source of pride for him and those around him: we're thrilled to celebrate that success"
— School Music Teacher

Lexi, Daniel and Igor

Lexi, Daniel and Igor took part in the Music/Mobile Tech project, working together as a group to compose their final piece of music. Together, they used their video blog as an opportunity to develop their confidence and communication, reflecting on what they had learnt each week. The huge progress that came as a result has been recognised by their session leader, school and families. They're determined to carry on what they have been learning now the project is over.

"We learnt lots of new skills — constructing, deconstructing, jumps and drops — arranging the music. We did not give up! It was really hard, but eventually we were successful."
— Daniel
"We learnt not to be shy. We watched our video blogs each week so we knew what to do next to make our music better."
— Lexi
"I'm going to download GarageBand at home and use that more!"
— Igor


 "Molly learned a lot from the exploration of the different music apps on the iPad. She wrote music and sang on her final piece which was a remarkable and impressive achievement."
— Setting Staff at Waves


Amy attended the Music/Mobile Tech project at Waves, and her final piece was created to a brief set by the New Carnival Company: to compose a piece of music inspired by an old, disused railway line on the Isle of Wight. Amy used sampling, sequencing and live performance, bringing together apps, sounds and instruments in GarageBand to create her song.

"I built on the skills I had, playing the piano, and learnt how to bring that on to the iPad. I would never have made something like this before — it is weird, but great. The project was really awesome!
— Amy