Launching Music/Mobile Tech

I'm very happy to be the one who gets to write our first staff blog, announcing the launch of the Music/Mobile Tech project. After months of project planning and bid writing, followed by months of anxious waiting, we received the news last week that Youth Music would be funding the Music/Mobile Tech project. We're so honoured that Youth Music saw the same potential in the project that we saw when putting it together. We're also so grateful that we now get to the opportunity to try and fulfil that potential.

The Music/Mobile Tech project is an exciting opportunity for young people in Southampton and on the Isle of White to create and express themselves with the latest music technology. Smartphones and tablets are a huge part of our lives and the Music/Mobile Tech project is about helping our young people, as well as their families and teachers, to unlock the huge potential of these devices.

Our three aims with this project are...

  1. To help young people improve their composition skills
  2. To help young people build their confidence and communication skill
  3. To help staff to make better use of mobile technology

Between July 2016 and July 2017 the project will see over 2000 young people, their families, and setting staff taking part in a range of music technology activities, including...

  1. Ten-week composition projects
  2. Electronic music performances and workshops
  3. Community music workshops
  4. CPD training and resources for staff

Alongside the project, we also want to use these staff blogs to share our experiences throughout the project, including...

  • Sharing music apps and activities we're using
  • Reflecting on our experiences taking part in projects, workshops and performances
  • Sharing our experiences as we aim to run and manage the project on iPads

We hope that sharing our experiences in this way will help both ourselves, as we reflect upon and consolodate what we have learnt, as well as helping others to benefit from what we learn along the way.