Project Management on iPad (Part 1)


One of my personal aims for this project is to see how I can make better use of my iPad for work. As someone who is passionate about the transformative nature of mobile technology in education, I believe it is important that I'm willing, and able, to do my work every day, using the same technology that my students will use.

With that in mind, I have been using a 12.9" iPad Pro as my only work device since December 2015. As well as a whole bunch of music making apps (more on those in later posts), I create and manage planning documents and student records in Pages; I write drum scores using Symphony Pro; I create presentations and present using Keynote; I edit videos in iMovie; and I store most of my other documents in Dropbox. Alongside these apps, as well as the music apps we use for project delivery, I want to share the apps and workflows I am using to as I endeavour to manage the Music/Mobile Tech project from my iPad.

Funding Bid Application

I drafted and edited our funding bid in 1Writer, my personal favourite plain text editor on iOS. With split screen multi-tasking on iPad I was able to have research, notes or PDF documents (stored in PDF Expert) side-by-side with the funding bid. An Apple Bluetooth Keyboard also came in handy for longer periods of writing. But, equally handy, was having 1Writer also available of my iPhone for even more on-the-go note making and editing.

Project Launch

Press releases and blog posts have all been drafted and edited in 1Writer. The introductory video for the project (embedded above) was created in Adobe Voice and even the project logo was designed on iPad, using Autodesk's Graphic app.

Sadly, despite offering great iPad apps for updating the Music/Mobile Tech website, Squarespace required a desktop browser for the itial site setup. So, I went back to my Mac, briefly, and used Chrome to set up the site. Perhaps there are website platforms that would provide a better iPad experience, but I've used Squarespace before, and, I hope that now the site is set up, I will be able to manage and update it from my iPad at least.

Moving Forward

I'm still trying to get my head around how to tackle some of the challenges coming up: what apps do I use to keep track of timetabling and task management? what apps and files are best for sharing formatted text and other documents? can I create all the resources we have planned using my iPad? If you have any suggestions, you can join the conversation with us on Twitter (@musictechsouth).