Performance & Workshop 1: Redbridge

Songwriting Workshop with Ricky Tart

Group 1:

Charlie was walking up around the clouds
To bury all her problems up the mountain
But the fog was thick and she tripped on a twig
And she fell down the mountain bouncing going

Down down down

Charlie hears a shout saying help me out
She grabs the ledge in a shower
She sees the thing thats talking, something that's stalking
Looks just like a purple black flower

Frown frown frown  

Oh no an evil flower
We must leave at this very hour
Why must you leave

Don't be so naive

We must go down to town

Town town town

Down down down 

Group 2:

Citizens enter the ocean. 
They put on there sun tan lotion.
They all swim with the same motion
On the shore there was lots of commotion

They use their legs for more power.
In the distance stood a tower.
Watching every hour
The water turning sour.

The water's really dark.
Blood made it look like a strawberry mark.
A creature started to lark
Donald trump was eaten by a shark.

On the beach Peter griffin
He meets a Isis penguin
His name was tiny Tim
Wonder if he's their twin

No ordinary citizens died.
So no one cried.
The celebrities all died
And they got turned into a pie. 

Group 3:

Kyle was on his way to get his chicken nuggets box
He asks his mum for money whilst he's putting on his socks
His feet were very smelly
Saw an advert on the tele
Felt a rumble in his belly
And saw a peng ting called Kelly 

Mikey was in McDonald's buying food
He saw a ozzy man that says suhhhh dude
He ordered to much food so Kyle hat to
Help him finish Kyle says "thank you"

Group 4:

I was forced out by my once loving family.
Amongst the growls and howls, I was in agony.
It was a fight for blood. I was covered in mud.
Now I'm outlawed. My skin is clawed 

I am a lone wolf

I was only playing. he was laying on the bed
I had no idea that he'd end up dead
The fear in my belly and the guilt in my soul
That's how I got kicked out of home 

I am a lone wolf

The rain was pouring and I had no hood
The streets were cold where I was stood
I had to put my fear on the shelf
I had to find and fend for my self 

I am a lone wolf

It was hard, not having a pack
Especially me being such a slack
I realised I had to watch my own back
But there on the horizon I saw a new track

I am a lone wolf

It was another family, playing in the river
I had a bit of hope but I still shivered
They welcomed me in, I still owe them
Because now I have a pack

I am now with family (repeat)


Community Workshop 5: Waves at Quay Arts

We had a great workshop at Quay Arts today, with participants exploring a range of apps and creating compositions to be played at an upcoming exhibition at Quay Arts.